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This is a One Way Rd.

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My name is George Bush and it is my goal to inspire entrepreneurship in others!

I've been an Entrepreneur for my entire work career. That is; I've been working for myself since the age of 25.  

The greatest compliment I'm ever been given is: "it seems like you're pretty successful".

Success is subjective.  

But someone I know, way more successful that me, defined it as: "having more assets than liabilities".

Some people would call success being the owner of a huge company.

The owner of the huge company might think otherwise.

Success, to me is: creating financial freedom.

My experience as small business owner for twenty years has taught me that in business there are two model’s; big business or small-time family business.

In todays time; small business’s (my business)  can’t keep up with the demand for service.

And a lot of big business’s can’t get the staff needed to provide the service to stay in business. 

So, what do we do?

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do KNOW how I’ve managed to work for myself for 20 years; despite not having a high school diploma or having the right to vote.

And I also know that there is only life to live.

So for me, it isn’t all about money.

At the age of 40 I figured out that:

I didn’t want to have to live for my  work or have to work to live.

I wanted to live to learn and learn to live!

I want my the money that I earn to work for me.

The only question was; How do I do it?




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